Thursday, June 17, 2010

Josh Gives an Update on Jake and the Cornelia Marie!

Josh says that Jake has gotten treatment and is doing better now. He also made a point of saying that he and Jake are doing everything they can to keep the Cornelia Marie in business and in the family. It's great news to hear!
Check out the AOL interview with Josh here

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Check out these sites!

The Cornelia Marie's website is awesome!
The Northwestern's is also really great
Both of these sites are updated a lot, and you can get a lot of news about the boats and the show.

"The Darkened Seas" - Blew My Mind!!!

Well, wow. Last night was way more serious than I ever expected. Obviously, if you watched the show, Jake and Phil's last conversation was pretty heavy. Jake's admission totally took me by surprise. Yesterday morning I went onto the guide to make sure that Deadliest Catch was still on at 6, like I always do (even though I know it's going to be on, I feel the need to check every time. I really am obsessed), and read the episode description. It said something about the Coast Guard rescue, and then it said that Phil's son would "reveal a dark secret." Honestly, I thought the big secret would be something like Jake had decided to go work on another boat. Right? Because who saw this coming? Some people are saying they did, but they are totally lying. I'm pretty good at making inferences, and I just assumed that Jake was up late and spacing out on deck because it was just a crap day. Phil and Jake would, in the past, have pretty non-serious little squabbles about Jake needing to get out on deck with everybody. Needless to say, I had my hand over my mouth throughout the entire five minutes at the end of the episode. It broke my heart to see the look on Jake's face when he admitted he was an addict. I really hope he's better now! I cried a little bit. Jake just looked so lost. After the episode ended, I thought that it really is amazing that everyone on the show lets us see these very personal, scary moments. It really makes us care even more about them.

The rest of the episode wasn't much of a diversion from the serious tone Deadliest Catch has taken on all season. I always wonder if every conversation on every boat is really as serious as it seems, or if that's just the music. Like last week, when Sig gave Jake A. the "reality check" about being cocky again and Jake was like, "They loved me over on the Cornelia Marie!" Did anyone else feel weird about that? It seems like it might have just been playful, but the music and camera angles were so dramatic. This week, I was really saddened by the news about Jake Anderson's dad. It really isn't something he should have to worry about while he's out there trying to work in the worst environment-with an injury, too! I know he doesn't want to go home because he won't make money, but I was like, "What?! Don't take off your cast; you'll just hurt it again!" He's pretty tough. And so is Mike Fourtner. The Time Bandit guys always are pretty tough, but I was really surprised that Mike didn't even lose a minute of work time when that 60 lb piece of ice fell and hit him. Of course, everyone was like, "Fu*@ that was a huge piece of ice! Whoa!" Typical, I guess. They really don't let injuries faze them. I thought it was cool how Jonathan and Andy were like, "Mike's one of the best crewmen we've ever had." The Wizard didn't have anything too memorable last night, just good crab. Come to think of it, actually, I'm not even sure that was this week's episode. I don't think the Wizard was on almost at all last night. The Wizard hasn't been on the show as much this season.

Hopefully everyone is able to watch next week, although it will be very difficult. Next week's episode is supposed to be about Phil's stroke. It's going to be hard to watch.

By the way, I just wanted to point out that the Cornelia Marie is my favorite boat, so I do talk about it the most!

I'm new, but not to Deadliest Catch!

Hi everyone! I'm new to blogging, but I felt inspired to begin after my mom commented that I should start writing about Deadliest Catch, since I always complain that none of my friends watch it. So, to assure you that I am truly a fan, I just want to say that I have seen all six seasons of DC, and I am completely convinced that it has changed my life. When you watch the show as much as I do, you begin to feel like you truly know these people. You love them, even if you know you only know them as fishermen. My younger brother always tells me that I get way too involved, but I really care about these people, even if I'll never meet them. We get to see the guys on Deadliest Catch in their most serious and stressful times, and it really shows that they want to bring other people into the life of an Alaskan crab fisherman. That being said, I am just aghast at last night's episode-I think my jaw has been hanging open for the last 24 hours. I am upset and sad about what happened, and I'm sure most fans feel the same way. Hopefully, Jake and Josh are doing well.